New system of water supply

Bearing in mind our health and our environment we are changing the system of supplying UMED employees with water. Plastic, disposable bottles will be replaced with glass, reusable ones.

Join us and help us reduce plastic waste!

  • Annually, we drink over 70,000 litres of water,
  • which amounts to 141,072 bottles of 0,5l each!
  • If placed in line, all the bottles would form a 28-km path!

Each of the bottles will take 500 years to decompose, whereas, tap water is rich in valuable minerals, including as important ones as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium.

90% of tap water in Lodz comes from drilled wells. It is clean, healthy, inexpensive and regularly controlled by certified laboratories of Water Supply and Sewage Company. It is easily accessible: you just need to turn on the tap. If you are not convinced yet, we hope that the glass bottles and filter jugs we have prepared for you will soon dispel your doubts for good. When you opt for tap water, you produce less waste, take care of your health and protect the environment.

We follow ECO UMED policy, we are ECO!

About The Author

Grzegorz Wdowczyk