Would you like to change the world? Start with yourself!

Waste sorting is a very important issue which is gradually getting more and more urgent and  critical. One of EcoUMED assumptions includes advancements in the University infrastructure which will facilitate effective waste segregation. In the meantime, it is worthwhile to have a look at our own daily habits.

EcoUMED Awards Ceremony

On 10 January, the patio of MUL Library hosted a meeting of the participants of the contest of pro-ecological ideas organised for MUL students and employees. Awards were handed over to the authors of the best proposals. The winners: Ewelina Gralak, Karolina Kamecka, Marek Kwiatkowski, Beata Romanowska and Adam Zawada received modern city bikes and […]

ECO winter on a bike?

When it’s freezing and snowing outside some daredevils still hop on bikes to get to work, to university or to do the shopping. It is easier to get around in a city by bike. Two wheels are better than four as they help to avoid tailbacks and they positively affect your health.