We are constructing Green Campus: Energy Counselling for Sustainable Development

How to construct a green campus? We invite you to take part in a national conference on energy counselling, ‘green’ investments and healthy surrounding.

Together for sustainable development

Medical University of Lodz and Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Lodz join forces to promote the idea of sustainable development.

On 6 March, 2019 MUL Campus will turn into a centre of the nation-wide discussion on renewable energy sources, energy counselling and the impact of the environment on human health. Over 200 participants who represent colleges and universities, local authorities and private sector will take part in the first conference entitled We are constructing Green Campus: energy counselling for sustainable development.

Universities of Lodz join forces

The event will include a symbolic declaration of cooperation to implement pro-ecological solutions which will be signed by Lodz universities.  It is the first initiative of the kind in Poland and it intends to use the potential of universities in pro-ecological education of academic communities.

To begin with, we exchange knowledge and good practices 

The first of the series of eco-conferences will deal with the following themes:

  • promotion of sustainable development on the example of universities: good practices and model innovations,
  • support provided within the framework of ‘National advisory system for public sector, housing business and entrepreneurs on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources’,
  • smog prevention by systemic solutions and raised awareness of air quality impact on human health.

About The Author

Grzegorz Wdowczyk